Measurement Uncertainty calculation


A guidance document on measurement uncertainty for GMO testing laboratories (3rd Edition) was recently published

by Trapmann S., Burns M., Corbisier P., Gatto F., Robouch P., Sowa S., Emons H.  Report EUR 30248 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2020, ISBN 978-92-76-19432-3, doi:10.2760/738565, JRC120898 (LINK to the pdf file)

This guidance document recommends estimating MU for the whole measurement method using results obtained from routine samples, or derived from the intermediate precision, reproducibility standard deviation and combined with the uncertainty contribution due to bias.
The following two approaches are presented:

  1. Estimation of MU using data obtained on routine samples (case A, click on LINK-A);
  2. Estimation of MU using data obtained on one or more matrix CRM in the frame of method verification (case B, click on LINK-B).

Select your "approach" to estimate your measurement uncertainty (MU) using the online XLS sheets provide.