Case A - Estimation of MU using data obtained from routine sampes


[Reference]  S. Trapmann et al. doi:10.2760/738565, JRC120898 (LINK to the pdf file)

The XLS sheet below calculates your measurement uncertainty (MU).

You have to:

0. define/introduce your measurement "unit";

1. determine your uncertainty function
      introduce 15 measurement results of the routine samples (6 low and 9 high contents) analysed twice;

2. calculate your bias
      introduce up to 7 replicate measurement results of the reference material (RM),
      introduce the reference value and associated expanded uncertainty (k=2) of the RM;

3. estimate your MU
      introduce the measurement result value.

Microsoft does not allow to copy&paste cells into the online spreadsheet.
You have to type in all values one-by-one, in the yellow cell ONLY.
Your values will not be saved. The spreadsheet will be reset (= all introduced values deleted) each time you leave or refresh this page.


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