Case B - Estimation of MU using data obtained on matrix CRM(s) in the frame of method verification


[Reference]   S. Trapmann et al. doi:10.2760/738565, JRC120898 (LINK to the pdf file)

The XLS sheet below calculates your measurement uncertainty (MU).

You have to:

0. define/introduce your measurement "unit";

1. determine your repeatability/reproducibility
       introduce your validation results (max 5 replicates x max 10 days) obtained analysing a reference material (RM);

2. calculate your bias
       introduce the reference value and associated expanded uncertainty (k=2) of the RM,
       the replicate results obtained on day 1 are used by default to calculate the bias;

3. estimate your MU
       introduce the average of the measurement results of your unknown sample,
       together with the number of replicates obtained on one or several days.


Microsoft does not allow copy&paste cells into the online spreadsheet.
You have to type in all values one-by-one, in the yellow cell ONLY.
Your values will not be saved. The spreadsheet will be reset (= all introduced values deleted) each time you leave or refresh this page.